automatic mover Ambrogio TWENTY ELITE S+

area move
1300 m2

max slope
35 %

time work
4 h

Additional info :

Additional information

pow. koszenia w mkw


Akumulator litow-jonowy

1 x 5 Ah

Nachylenie zboczy maks


Średni czas pracy

4 godziny

Typ silników


Wymiary robota (dł/sz/w)

420X290X220 mm

Rodzaj noża

Gwiazda, 4 ostrza

Wysokość koszenia (mm)


Szerokość noża (cm)


automatic mover Ambrogio TWENTY ELITE S+


Najniższa cena w ciągu ostatnich 30 dni: 8,899.00

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Canopy dock station
System Amico
Mobile app
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The Ambrogio TWENTY ELITE S+ robotic mower is characterized by:


ZCS robots are equipped with the latest lithium-ion batteries. Unparalleled independence and working time on one charging cycle of our robots allows you to work up to 10 hours non-stop. The use of strong, efficient cells guarantees a low number of battery charging cycles, and thus their slow wear and long, stable operation for several years.

Cutting power

ZCS robots are the only ones in the world that have real knives, sharpened on both sides and made of high-quality flexible steel. 4 or 8-spoke, 25 to 36 cm wide. During operation, the knives reach a speed of up to 4,000 RPM, ensuring unparalleled quality of cutting each lawn, and by the way successfully deal with falling cones, fruits or branches. They do not require regular replacement, only periodic cleaning.


Uncompromising cutting power combined with advanced work algorithms, powerful batteries and excellent driving characteristics make ZCS robots work extremely efficiently, leaving the garden “free from the robot” for most of the day. The smallest models need about 3 hours a day to maintain a 1000 sq m lawn, larger units achieve an efficiency of even over 1000 sq m / h. High efficiency allows the robots to stop working when their sensors detect rain (depending on the user’s preferred settings). Grass doesn’t like being mowed in the rain so much…

Technology and experience

ZCS has been designing and producing robots on its own for nearly 20 years. We have a complete offer of several dozen robots, ready to mow any lawn. Years of experience, numerous patents, continuous innovations allow you to work in the most difficult gardens, meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers. The policy of constant support and updating of the devices sold makes them age extremely slowly and serve our customers for an exceptionally long time.


ZCS robots meet all the most stringent safety standards. Secured with a PIN code, equipped with lift sensors, tilt sensors, crash sensors, knife guards, emergency STOP switch, they minimize the risk of undesirable events. Not without significance is the high power and efficiency that guarantees the shortest working time of the robot and leaves the garden at the owner’s disposal whenever needed.

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