Pool robot NEMH20 ELITE

lenght pool
50 m

max depth
10 m

time work
2 h

Additional info :

Additional information

Czas pracy



2 Lt, 0.5mm

Ilość turbin



Hermetyczna skorupa


320 W indukcyjny


13.75 Ah litowo-jonowa

Pool robot NEMH20 ELITE

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The NEMH2O pool robot is an innovative robot developed by the creators of Ambrogio Robot to provide fully automatic cleaning of a swimming pool or swimming pond.


With NEMH2O you will no longer deal with either cleaning the pool or operating and maintaining the robot cleaning the pool.


The NEMH2O swimming pool robot can move freely without any restrictions thanks to wireless technology. It charges itself in water through induction without the need for any outside interference. Once installed, it can remain in the water all year round, thanks to the possibility of using it without a filter (using the presence and cooperation with the filter system installed in the swimming pool or swimming pond). It adapts to any surface, both vertical and horizontal. It works with the same efficiency in both small and large tanks, with a smooth or rough surface, easily copes with corners, arches and steps!


The NEMH2O pool robot, like no other previous devices, takes care of the cleanliness of your swimming pool or swimming pond all year round, becoming a valuable ally that you will no longer be able to do without.


If you already have a swimming pool that you use, choose a HANGING STATION.


If your pool is under construction, the station may be hidden in the wall, then select the BUILT-IN STATION.


With slippery surfaces of the bottom and walls of the pool, we recommend the KIT KANEBO set, thanks to which NemH2O can easily cope with moving along vertical walls.


In the event that the wall does not connect to the bottom of the pool at a right angle, the bottom is rounded, we recommend using the ROUNDED BOTTOM KIT.


If you want to stop the robot’s work, send it to the station when it is under water, you will need a COMMUNICATION BOX, i.e. a device thanks to which your NemH2O will “hear you” under water.


If you have any doubts about which model to choose, how NemH2O works in the pool or you are in the process of designing or building a pool, call us, we will help you choose the best solution.

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